Can DO!℠ has helped save thousands of dollars in capital equipment expense for our customers with our container repair service and expertise. Can DO!℠ can provide comprehensive container repair services including bottom replacements, roll-off refurbishment and minor repairs and painting. 

Each year we repair thousands of containers throughout the country. We provide repair at our customers’ facilities and at our own repair shops. We have developed paperless repair tracking technology that captures before and after pictures, parts, serial numbers and labor time for each repair. Our dedicated teams are the best in the industry and can handle simple to complex repairs.

Refurbish & Repair – Can DO!℠ evaluates containers before any repairs take place to determine whether the repair costs will exceed our customers repair cost guidelines. If the potential repairs exceed our customers guidelines, the container is set aside for scrap. If the container can be repaired, our technicians prepare the surface, which could include sanding, scraping, sandblasting and washing. If the container needs minor repairs, we will do the appropriate patch and then it will be primed and painted. If the container needs major repairs, we may need to fabricate parts or use pre-formed parts including bottoms and pockets. Our team can perform any type of major repair, including bottom replacements, door fabrication, rail replacements and complete rebuilding of intermodal and roll-off containers.

Painting – Can DO!℠ provides complete container painting services for any size container from 1yd bins to 40yd roll-off containers. We properly clean and prepare each container and control the paint delivery in painting booths. This combination ensures a smooth and even finish. Can DO!℠ meets all state regulations for painting metal containers.


Labeling – Can DO!℠ provides relabeling service for any container type. From the one-off container to labeling thousands of containers, Can DO!℠ can stick to it!


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