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What is OCR and what does it have to do with the management of your containers?

Optical character recognition (OCR) is the electronic conversion of images from printed characters into machine-encoded text. We use OCR technology to capture the serial number on your cart from an image using our mobile device, so we can avoid data entry 

human error caused by manual typing of the text as well as increase the speed of the documentation process. We use OCR technology in the yard for documentation and transparency of all yard actions including washing, poly-welding, warranty processing, and scrap processing.

How does OCR help with residential cart warranty management?

With Can DO!℠ Services you have a 3rd party evaluator to administer your warranty. Can DO!℠ Services ensures that all requested warranty claim documentation details are provided to cart manufacturers. Providing the best claim submissions with complete transparency enables you to successfully and consistently submit claims for broken containers eligible under warranty. Our technology platform is enabled with OCR capabilities which enables us to quickly and accurately capture the cart serial number as well as a photograph of the cart. We provide detailed reporting to you for easy submission to your container manufacturer(s). With this data we track and report the process so you will know exactly how many containers are being submitted for warranty, how many are being honored under warranty, and how much money you are saving instead of having to purchase a brand new cart.

  OCR Captures  

  Serial Number  

 Warranty Submission 

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