Who’s watching your container assets? A manufacturer only wants to sell you more containers, but Can DO!℠ Supercharged by FleetGenius is strictly a service provider looking out for your best interests. The large profile companies in this market are plastic cart manufacturers. Container manufacturers focus on selling containers and the services are used to fuel cart sales. When something is not a focus, it is typically not managed with the proper oversight.


Can DO!℠ Supercharged by FleetGenius is only focused on providing the best service in the container management industry. The results are outstanding customer service and direct cost savings to our customers by maximizing their container assets and reducing the number of carts they purchase annually. Service is our only sale, and our continued success in renewing all of our service contracts is a testament to our ability to perform at a high level.


Thanks to our growing customer base and strong management team, Can DO!℠ Supercharged by FleetGenius has been able to expand our service offerings. Can DO!℠ Supercharged by FleetGenius now provides the following services: metal container repair, delivery services, route auditing, bulky item collection, scout truck services, street sweeping, zero-waste program management, on-site container washing, alley clean-ups, special event container deployment and a variety of specialized labor projects related to the waste and recycling industry. We partner with the companies we serve to become an integral facet of their operations team.

Can DO!℠ Supercharged by FleetGenius sets itself apart from our competition in a variety of ways. We are large enough to have the operational scale but small enough to quickly implement technology. Innovative process management make our company the best in the industry.


Can DO!℠ Supercharged by FleetGenius has grown from a small southern California container management company to the market leader in the industry. Despite the growth, we maintain that small entrepreneurial spirit without an overbearing corporate management structure. 

Can DO!℠ Supercharged by FleetGenius leaders employ operational best practices, which benefit our customers and their operations management. What makes us a great partner for our customers is the combination of professional management practices and a focus on what will benefit collective team.


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