Zero Waste

In 2017, the City of Los Angeles implemented the largest commercial collection franchise contract in the history of the United States called, “recycLA”. In essence, the city’s goal is to achieve Zero Waste. The city required each waste hauler to provide Zero Waste representatives to provide comprehensive waste audits to each of the over 60,000 customers. CDSRVS became an integral part in this process. CDSRVS provided thousands of the initial audits before the city implemented the contract, and we were then subcontracted as Zero Waste Professionals to provide educational services for new franchise customers.


Our Zero Waste Professionals received industry accolades and some of the best reviews afforded by the City of Los Angeles. These accolades were based on our ability to effectively communicate and execute detailed Zero Waste audits, and onboard customers with services that were often priced higher than their pre-franchised rates.

The CDSRVS executive management team has decades of combined experience to support the Zero Waste Certified waste and recycling program. Our proven onboarding and training process enable us to serve as some of the finest Zero Waste professionals in the industry. Our team is passionate about the environment and are well-equipped to help you achieve your franchise contract goals. If you have a contract that requires challenging diversion or Zero Waste goals, let CDSRVS help you succeed in your contract requirements with our professional Zero Waste team!

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