Container Washing

Trash containers harbor bacteria and emit foul smelling odors that create a nuisance to customers and surrounding homes or businesses. It is expensive and time consuming for waste haulers to exchange containers and wash them. Customers may try washing their own containers and waste valuable water and create contaminated storm drain run-off. CDSRVS offers environmentally friendly and cost effective container washing services.


CDSRVS provides complete washing services for both plastic carts/bins and metal containers. CDSRVS can provide on-site cleaning and deodorizing service using its state-of-the-art mobile self-contained cleaning trucks. Our on-site washing service can clean a variety of size containers from 32 gallon plastic carts to 3yd metal and plastic bins.

If on-site cleaning is not feasible CDSRVS will exchange the cart or bin and clean it off-site at a CDSRVS certified washing station. For compactors and bins larger than 3yd’s, CDSRVS can remove those containers and wash them at our off-site washing station. CDSRVS meets all state and local EPA regulations for reclaiming the water used on and off-site.

In addition to providing cart and bin cleaning services CDSRVS provides complete trash enclosure cleaning services. CDSRVS will remove and bag all trash located in the enclosure and scrape any debris that is affixed to the concrete. After all debris is removed CDSRVS will apply an enzymatic cleaning and deodorizing solution to the surface and will pressure wash the walls and floor of the enclosure. CDSRVS will extract all water from the enclosure and remove the water in a self-contained washing truck. The grey water will be processed through our clarification system and will be properly disposed of.

CDSRVS will leave carts, bins and enclosures clean, deodorized and looking great!

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