Alley Clean Up

Municipal contracts often require additional services that waste haulers need to provide. These services are not typically part of a hauler’s core competencies or business model. If you are faced with any type of labor-intensive service, including alley clean up service, CDSRVS can help. CDSRVS partners with the nation’s leading waste haulers and provides a wide variety of ancillary services including Alley Clean Up.


CDSRVS has a service-first philosophy when it comes to Alley Clean Up. We use our customized route management software, Rouditor, to route and manage all the alleys we need to clean. We geocode each alley so that our drivers do not miss any service area. As our driver sweeps each alley, he picks up service items including bulky goods, recyclables, trash, and white goods.

Our driver carefully documents each service with before and after geocoded pictures. These tagged images correlate with the alley geocodes, which provides our customer and the municipality with detailed photographic service verification. Our ability to provide proof of service for Alley Clean Up services has helped our customers to meet difficult contractual requirements as well as to promote their relationships with the cities they service.

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